Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Joe Lieberman, Benedict Arnold is too nice a word for you

Joe Lieberman is irrelevant. Period. This from the Democrat, who turned Independent to keep his job in Connecticut, who was Obama's mentor in the senate, now a turn coat again, this time for health insurance reform. Remember he smeared Obama with this...

Oh, he sided with John McCain, actually endorsed him, remember.....

Senate Leader Harry Reid was ready to DEMOTE, Senator Joe Lieberman after his disgraceful speech against Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention:

Part Two

....but Barack Obama intervened and Lieberman was able to keep his chairmanships and status in the Democratic Caucus, remember:

Now, since Joe Lieberman is not on the White House guest list (as he should not be), does not have his mug on any of these Sunday talk shows (for what he is not a power player), is a piranha to the Democratic Party (AMEN), he has now decided to become relevant again by making the decision (or threatening) to filibuster with the Republicans in the Senate against health care reform. Is anyone surprised here?

Folks, the reality are that Lieberman has taken BIG MONEY from the health care insurance industry and he owes them. Connecticut is an insurance haven, now the masters have knocked on Lieberman's door, he must respond and become relevant again.

But take a look at this list of donations to Lieberman since 1989. Three of the top 12 industries have contributed $2.7 million to Lieberman:

Health Professionals $1,041,362
Insurance $1,036,070
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $612,540

Senator Joe Lieberman is the worst of the worst that has graced the Democratic Party. His Benedict Arnold behavior, last year during the campaign opened many eyes about the man, himself. He is all about HIMSELF, no one else. His anger on Democrats turning against him during his tough primary with Ned Lamont stayed with him and clouded his decision by standing with John McCain. Barack Obama saved him; Senator Harry Reid gave our young president a pass, but NO MORE.

There should be no more saving of Senator Joe Lieberman, period. Right now he is threatening because he wants something and it is called prestige and relevance, which was taken away by his own decisions. Senator Reid was right, yesterday in stating he is not worried about Joe Lieberman. Why should he be? If Lieberman decides to filibuster with the Republicans, let him, then watch the knives come out to cut and severe the cord, permanently.

Finally, I am waiting for the power of President Barack Obama. He has yet, to show his whip power and cut throat tactics in dealing with rogue congress members, but if Lieberman does this, expect the knife to come and cut deep and wide. Lieberman will be irrelevant, permanently.

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