Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So, we have 60 votes in the senate. Now, do we have the balls to use it?

Yes, do we have the drive and determination to deliver the agenda the public voted for.

Do we have balls to drive legislation through the senate that this country VOTED for, like health care reform, like environmental reform, like education reform, like energy reform, like the dismantling of DADT and DOMA, well do we?

That is the big elephant in the room for the Democrats.

We congratulate Senator-Elect Al Franken for his patience, perserverance, stamina, and knowing he was on the right side of the recount argument. He handled this final win from the Minnesota Supreme Court with grace and stature that is expected from a Senator-Elect. But, Franken is not the Saviour here because he is the 60th vote, this number is the hammer down for Democrats to stop HIDING behind the words, "We Don't Have The Votes."

See, this country voted for change. If this country did not want change it would have just let the same win in November, but the Republicans did not and the voters rebuked that party. The Democrats have two options, fight and produce solid legislation that was voted for or tip toe around the minority party and let them call the shots.

The Republicans have 40 senators in the senate and their prospects for 2010 don't look all that good in reality. I understand bi-partisanship, Obama tried hard but he got nothing out of it, in fact now the Republicans are stating that the White House are not wooing them any longer. Did they think that would continue with their nastiness and constant viciousness? And I mean from the Republican Party against not only President Obama but his wife, Michelle Obama. Did they think that their constant vote against EVERYTHING would keep them in the Obama White House click? After a while, one gets tired of trying and MOVES ON. The Republicans have gotten that message.

The Democrats have a golden opportunity, it is called, "doing the right thing." I mean all the Democrats, even the conservative ones. If they do not, they will see imploding not in D.C. but across this country. People are waiting and they are tired. If the Democrats don't get this, they better and I mean quick.

60 votes is a big thing in the senate. We are talking about not since 1979 has a White House administration had this. If the Democrats in D.C. and the Obama White House don't do the right thing, they can expect some angry voters in 2010 and beyond.

I am not just typing this, I am hearing this and from many first time voters, Republicans who voted for Obama, and independents.

Do the right thing, Democrats. If not, it is at your peril.

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