Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ed Schultz, "Mark Sanford has no shame" (Video)

Well, Sanford doesn't.

Here is a governor of a state that just LEFT, BOUNCED and no one knew where in the HELL he was at!! His wife told him not to go see his mistress or lover, but did he care? HELL TO THE NAW, he went all the way to Argentina for that!! for real. It is his dereliction of duty that NO ONE, not even seasoned Republican strategists can explain away because there is NO EXPLANATION, he was wrong.

Sanford is a sore eye on the Republicans and for me, he can sit out there all day long. This talk of he must get back with is wife is utter bullshit. This talk that he was led down a dark path, PUHLEAZE!! Really, if Sanford is down a dark path then he is TOTALLY not competent or stable enough to remain a governor.

As Ed puts it, "Stop with the excuses, because there are NONE...."

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