Saturday, July 4, 2009

Obama calls on groups within the Democratic Party to stop targeting moderate Democrats

Ummmm, that won't stop....

President Obama, strategizing yesterday with congressional leaders about health-care reform, complained that liberal advocacy groups ought to drop their attacks on Democratic lawmakers and devote their energy to promoting passage of comprehensive legislation.

In a pre-holiday call with half a dozen top House and Senate Democrats, Obama expressed his concern over advertisements and online campaigns targeting moderate Democrats, whom they criticize for not being fully devoted to "true" health-care reform.

"We shouldn't be focusing resources on each other," Obama opined in the call, according to three sources who participated in or listened to the conversation. "We ought to be focused on winning this debate."

Emphasis mine on the last sentence

I want to win this debate, but when you have the likes of Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Mary Landrieu, etc., going on the record of not supporting a public option, then they must be called on it.

Congress has public option. Congress has the best health care plan out there that is available. The American people do not.

One has to wonder what is in it, IN THE END, for these Democrats to totally chuck any notion for public option? My only reason is that these Democrats depend on heavy donations from the insurance and health care communities, via their lobbyists.

Again, if this health care bill goes down, there will be repercussions and that will start with the 2010 Mid-Term Elections.

President Obama, we understand you want consensus and a good debate, but in the end the public wants and demands a choice, that choice is a strong public option plan.

It can not be anymore clearer than that.

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