Thursday, July 2, 2009

MSNBC, What is up with not promoting Carlos Watson?

If you have not watched MSNBC, take a peep at it now.

The channel has new hourly morning personalities, the aesthetics of the channel has changed and that is all good. The look is more slick, sleek, modern, which I like but I have a beef with MSNBC.

The channel is promoting its morning line up, starting with morning joe, then it's Dylan Ratigan and the Morning Meeting, then it is Dr. Nancy Snyderman's show. The problem is that Carlos Watson's hour is totally dissed. I mean like the man and his hour DON'T EXIST on MSNBC. What is that about?

Next, is how MSNBC is advertising the morning line up, VISUALLY. The ads running are Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, with Willie Geist, then Dylan Ratigan and his Morning Meeting, finally it is all about Dr. Nancy. Between Ratigan and Dr. Nancy's show is Carlos Watson and his hour. But there is no advertisement at all for Watson, NONE VISUALLY. How bogus is that?

This is a beef and I don't know if it is intentional but it is clear that what MSNBC is presenting is all their white on-air personalities and their slot times promoted, but not Carlos Watson who is black. Then another beef, Watson was in his slot a few weeks before Ratigan and Dr. Nancy's shows even premiered on air.

MSNBC do the right thing. If you are going to promote your NEW MORNING PERSONALITIES, promote them ALL, not just some. The way this is being presented has a racial bias view to me. Now all these personalities have to sink or swim on their own, but don't pump, push and prod your few picks and not be fair to promote them all.

MSNBC clean it up.

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