Thursday, June 25, 2009

Joe Scarborough don't like the coverage of Sanford by his co-workers last night (Video)

He is talking about Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow!!! Oh, boo-fucking hoo, Joe!!!

Let's be clear here.

Governor Mark Sanford took a RISK. Yes, when you are boffing someone else's wife, when you are cheating on your own wife, when you are LYING to your constituents of your state, when you are performing dereliction of your duties as governor, then you deserve to be TALKED ABOUT and used as a SYMBOL of what NOT TO DO for others coming behind you.

Mark Sanford is a close friend of Joe Scarborough, period. I get it. But this AGAIN shows why Scarborough is not a journalist in the least. Scarborough's friend, Sanford, gave one of the most politically theatrical performances in political history at his press conference yesterday. The performance was filled with passion, emotion, a man in love with a woman who is not his wife, a full script ready to be put into the movies!!! You can not pay for that ANYWHERE. Along with the performance came the love emails, from the governor's email account, filled with passion and love for a woman far, far, away. You can not pay for that writing ANYWHERE!!

Scarborough, it is what it is. Your very close friend took a major risk and he got busted. Along with his bust, his glass house came tumbling down. Scarborough your friend stood on the holier than thow road, he has stood against same-sex marriage, he has pointed his finger at former President Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife and not holding up his marriage vows. Yes, Mark Sanford has done all that.

Scarborough, your friend is a hypocrite. I know you don't like folks talking about your friend, but if your friend had control over his lower head, if your friend had thought about his family FIRST, if your friend had thought about what his office means and the implications of abandoning it on a whim for a woman like Maria, then we all would be talking about health care, Iran, North Korea, energy, etc. Instead, we are talking about the reckless and irresponsibility of your friend, another Republican, who has bit the dust.

Get over it Scarborough. This is journalism and what Sanford did was and is FAIR GAME to criticize. If the heat is too hot in the kitchen, for ya', get the hell out.

Mika shows her true colors:

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