Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama headed to St. Louis to throw out first pitch for All-Star Game

I was wondering when he was going to throw out that PITCH...

Major League Baseball announced today that known basketball fan Barack Obama, who never got around to going down the street in Washington to see a hockey playoff game, will travel all the way to St. Louis in three weeks to be the starting pitcher in baseball's annual All-Star Game.

The 47-year-old liberal southpaw out of Chicago known for his eloquent fastballs and embarrassing gutterballs is expected to be pulled after one pitch, the ceremonial opening one.

He'll be, of course, standing to throw the ball in Busch Stadium in front of a nationwide Fox Sports TV audience during Missouri's vaunted mid-summer humidity. But he'll also be only the fourth sitting president to do so -- after John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. That makes 2 D's and 2 R's now out of 44 total presidents, although early presidents were not fans. (Scroll down for a complete list of all presidential appearances at the mid-summer classic.)

This being politics, there is, not surprisingly, a catch to the president's appearance. read more here....

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