Monday, June 22, 2009

Democrats must have the political will to pass sweeping health care reform

If anyone thinks the Republicans will be in the Democrats corner, THINK AGAIN. And co-ops? Forget that noise. The public wants a SOLID PUBLIC OPTION. PERIOD. Poll after poll indicates this. If we can spend 10B a month since 2003 in Iraq, and look how THAT turned out, you mean to tell me we can not invest in the people of this country?

D.C. Senators, the public totally GET THAT ONE.

Emboldened by polls that show public backing for a government health insurance plan, Democrats are moving to make it a politically defining issue in the debate over the future of medical care.

Behind-the-scenes attempts to get a deal with Republicans on nonprofit co-ops as an alternative to a public plan have led only to frustration, complains a key Democrat. He and his colleagues may have to go it alone, said Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The co-ops were seen as perhaps the last hope for compromise on a contentious issue that threatens any remaining prospects of bipartisan support for President Barack Obama's sweeping plan to remake the health care system.

"I don't think I could say with a straight face that this (co-op proposal) is at all close to a nationwide public option," Schumer, D-N.Y., told The Associated Press on Sunday. "Right now, this co-op idea doesn't come close to satisfying anyone who wants a public plan." read more here....

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