Monday, May 11, 2009

Your favorite Democrat, Harold Ford, Jr. wading into "Cheney Country" on Hardball (Video)

Yes, he is back with his DLC swagger. Listen to him and very closely, his backing of torture techniques. Folks remember this about Ford, he is a fair weather politician. His views changes as the wind. Don't expect him in your corner on anything, but is all about his own corner. This was a big issue about him and his character when he ran for the senate seat in Tennessee, he had a lot of baggage but tried to put that "lipstick on a pig" and it did not work. Yes, some dirty play was pulled, but Ford and his family and their ethical background did not make it easy for Ford Jr. to win. As, Matthews said, "You are vearing into Cheney Country...." It is all on video to view.

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