Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is not the time to be complacent, the GOP is trying to change the torture debate (Video)

Joe Scarborough, morning joke or morning joe, is a total ass. Period.

For Scarborough to state that we were less safe on the second day of Obama's presidency is lunacy. morning joke is totally illogical and I am being nice.

How in the hell were we more safe under Bush when he and Cheney knew that there was a very definitive chance of a terrorist attack on the United States, but they did NOTHING about it until AFTER the fact? Read or see Al Rodgers' diary, "Cheney's Legacy."

Joe Scarborough and his verbal viagra is one of the worst on television, but there is more going on here. He continues to not admit water boarding is torture, no biggie on his watch, but is ratcheting up the rhetoric on the democrats knew, too. Let me state this as plainly as possible, if there were democrats who knew (and I believe there were) on the Bush Administration's torture plan, they should be dragged through the mud, too. This does not, again, does not get any of the Bush officials off the hook for breaking the law, period. It makes many people more cynical of politicians and not trust them, and why should we after being LIED to REPEATEDLY by the Bush-Cheney crowd, but this does not take anything away from the torture debate. Torture is wrong. Water boarding is torture. The United States of America does not torture, but we did and broke the law. For all of that, we have paid a heavy price internationally and with 2 wars, it is breaking the backs of this country economically.

morning joke, water boarding is torture. Don't believe it? Why not try it and see if you can sustain? It was these techniques that have killed our image internationally and have broken all Middle East trust. As we all have learned through this, everything cannot be fixed by the point of a gun, especially when we don't have enough troops to point the guns. It is folks like you on television that makes it harder for the public to listen to anything that Republicans have to say.

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