Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WTF!!! U.S. troops vomiting due to lack of clean water in Iraq

No joke. h/t Turkana @ Daily Kos

Despite the might of your own country, despite the power of your own military, for extended periods of time you and other soldiers simply can’t get enough drinking water. And even worse, some of you are paying for it with your health.

That’s the story some U.S. soldiers are telling the 11 News Defenders about their time in Iraq. While we’ve spent billions on bullets and bombs, soldiers in different parts of that arid country, during different phases of this desert war, claim they couldn’t get enough drinkable water.


Part of the problem: Many soldiers say they were rationed to just two 1.5 liter bottles a day or about half a gallon of water. Turns out, the Army’s own training manuals say in desert environments, the body can lose up to four gallons a day.

As a result, some soldiers claim they regularly saw dehydration causing sickness on the battlefield, things like fainting and vomiting.

Obama, we know that the Bush Administration neglected the troops, we know that, now please clean this up.

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