Sunday, May 10, 2009

John & Elizabeth Edwards debacle discussed on Bill Maher and ABC's This Week

Yes, discussion on Bill Maher and even on ABCs This Week about John and Elizabeth Edwards is fodder at this point. An issue that should be done with has been reopened by Elizabeth Edwards appearance on Oprah last week and her book that she is pushing. Along with re-opening this can is the examination of the truth of what both, John and Elizabeth Edwards has said on this matter and how it is not stacking up. But the biggest question here is why? Why even go down this road? And this question, again is for Elizabeth Edwards. Tomorrow she is on the Today Show and I don't see the questions getting nicer, but in fact harder for her to answer at this point. This is what you get when you re-open a can of worms. It is all pretty nasty. Can we just wipe our brow and be glad this bullet was dodged?

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