Sunday, May 3, 2009

Will Bo Get White House Holiday Treatment?

East Wing Rules is becoming one of my favorite blogs right now, due to the witty writing of Maureen. I had to repost this piece because those who know me, knows that I am a huge animal lover, especially the 4 legged dog kind. As the Obamas are settling in with Bo and he with them, it is the First Lady that is doing all the duties. Malia? Sasha? What's up?

First ladies love their pets. According to her Thursday speech at the Hilton before 2000 spouses of congress members, Supreme Court justices, cabinet secretaries and other family and friends, Michelle Obama made it clear she was doing the o'dark thirty Bo walking. Her kids are getting good grades and hitting the snooze alarm as Mrs. Obama learns a new parenting/puppy lesson. Another first lady who loved her dog Millie enough to take dictation, translating dog bark into a book and bequeathing one of the 1989 puppies to her son W, liked the immortalized and sculpture technique proudly displayed in the Bush White House beneath her ground floor portrait. One way to pay pet tributes is during the Holidays, but the East Wing Staff needs a lot of prep time to execute the theme flawlessly.

Historic pet motifs arise out of past incidents, mischief or a loving theme to make interesting displays during the White House holiday season. Famed Pastry chef, Roland Mesnier created Socks, the cat, peeking from one of the White House windows in one of his exclusive gingerbread architectural wonders for a Clinton Christmas to showcase the White House. There is Nelson, George Washington's beloved Revolutionary War steed prancing above a Christmas garland bedecked mantle in the East Room. Calvin Coolidge of the Teapot Dome fiasco had a presidential pooch, Rob Roy with a proud lineage of sheep herding that turned into a quivering mass of NO when it came to riding the White House family elevator. But the most famous of their pets were Rebecca and Reuben, the family raccoons. read more here....

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