Thursday, May 7, 2009

Folks, King Rush wants to purge many from the Republican Party (Video)

King Rush sure makes the Republicans tow his line in D.C. We saw Cantor and others launch a listening tour this weekend, only to have Limbaugh state it is not a listening tour but a teaching tour. Guess what? Cantor changes his tune and goes all over TV and say it is not a listening tour! Then Limbaugh attacks the moderate republican, Colin Powell, a man respected from the right, left and the middle and tells him to basically get the hell out of the Republican Party. Then the hate just continues from that big fat blubber mouth in Florida, but hey, he is running the Republican Party!! He is their leader. Others that King Rush wants out of the Republican Party:

Colin Powell
Meghan Mccain
Olympia Snowe
Susan Collins
Arlen Specter
Arnold Schwarzenegger
John McCain
Charlie Crist

And from Keith Olbermann......

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