Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Michelle and Elmo on Sesame Street

h/t East Wing Rules

Give it to Maureen over at the East Wing Rules to find FLOTUS and Elmo, together.

From East Wing Rules

First ladies find individual pursuits while paying homage to past tradition. Sesame Street is a modern must do for the spouse of a president. The music and the rhymes just comes back to me from childhood. Now my earworm is permanent with grandkids who like the characters just as much. Everybody's A-Okay when you get to...

During the 1993 Clinton Inaugural festivities, Kermit plopped and perched comfortably on Hillary Clinton's shoulder during a concert Disney-thon. Yep, think about that, not Minnie or Mickey, the apple of Miss Piggy's eye, the froggy wonder got the prime shoulder for the finale of the show. As first lady, Hillary also went to the 25th season for Sesame Street and appeared with muppets throughout her tenure. It was episode 3136. The first lady came on to give health tips. As a senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton did a PSA for Healthy Habits for Life (photos courtesy muppet wiki)

The inaugural appearance from a first lady and president came from George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife, Barbara, on video tape to warn children away from drugs. Later she came by herself to read a book since literacy was her major raison d'etre in her official capacity as first lady. It is ironic that its the numbers cruncher Count in the skit with her though. Read more here.....

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