Friday, May 8, 2009

3 Government Plans for Health Care Being Tossed Out There

I dont' know what is making this so difficult. The Republicans did not get this issue and lost on this issue. Health care costs are one major factor that is bankrupting millions of Americans and lack of it is driving costs up all over the place.

These politicians are being ridden hard by lobbyists, the very same ones who are tossing money in their re-election tillers so they can keep their cushy jobs. I hope they get or understand the message, the American public wants universal health care and they wanted it yesterday. These politicians either straighten up and do the right thing or get their asses primaried out of office.

Oh, by the way, here is the Republican Plan for STOPPING HEALTHCARE REFORM. Everyone better get ready for a real fight here.

Senators are considering three different designs for a new government health-insurance plan that middle-income Americans could buy into for the first time, congressional officials said Friday.

Officials familiar with the proposals said senators plan to debate them in a closed meeting next week. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the controversial plans have not been released.

Creating a public plan is one of the most contentious ideas in the debate over how to overhaul the nation's health-care system to cover the uninsured and try to restrain costs.

President Barack Obama and many Democrats say a government option would serve as a check to keep the private insurance industry honest.

Insurers fear the government would use its power to drive them out of business. And Republicans call a public plan in the legislation a deal-breaker, dashing hopes for bipartisan legislation for overhauling the health insurance system. Employer groups are also opposed.

The three approaches being discussed are:

_Create a plan that resembles Medicare, administered by the Health and Human Services department.

_Adopt a Medicare-like plan, but pick an outside party to run it. That way government officials would not directly control the day-to-day operations.

_Leave it up to individual states to set up a public insurance plan for their residents. read more here....

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