Friday, January 2, 2009

Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, Not Backing Burris (Video)

Jessie White is stating he will not sign any paperwork, certification for seating Roland Burris. The thing is this, "he is not required too." The law in IL is dubious, though Burris has filed a motion to the IL Supreme Court for White to sign the necessary papers. I don't know how this will go because the IL Supreme Court already denied IL AG Lisa Madigan to remove Blago from office.

The Democrats, the IL Democrats, have only themselves to blame. Especially, when the IL Legislature (Democratic) had the opportunity to call a special election but ran chicken and left this for the governor or lt governor to make the call. Well, Blago is the only one around here who knows the law and the power of the Illinois Governorship and used it.

Reid and Company in D.C. walk lightly because Burris is gaining steam here in Illinois to be seated and for this eyesore to be taken OFF THE TABLE. Why should we listen to Reid anyway? Here is a man and the Democratic Senate who did not have the courage to boot the traitor, Joe Liberman, after sliming Obama and supporting John McCain. These folks are the LAST ONES anyone should listen too.

for real.

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