Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Illinois Little Napoleon Marches On

I am from Illinois, grew up in Chicago, and all this drama today was hilarious. It brings me to this song, Comedy Tonight...............


I think we all have come to the conclusion that Illinois Lil Napoleon, Rod Blagojevich just doesn’t GIVE A DAMN!!!

What is going on in Illinois reminds me of all the council wars that was downtown and every blow hard alderman/woman trying to snap off in front of the nearest camera.

It just amazes me that our own Lil' Napoleon is the only one who apparently knows the laws of Illinois, knows his powers, and is sticking it to the Democrats from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

I mean, think about it.

Blago has been arrested, his verbal viagra put out there for everyone to read and laugh about, has been assaulted daily in the local and national media, has been called every name in the book, threatened repeatedly of what the Illinois Legislature is going to do to him, has seen his closest allies quit their jobs and are probably talking it up to Fitzy, but in the end he is having the LAST WORD.

Obama, Reid, Daley, Durbin, Quinn, Madigan, and everyone else can say whatever they want, so far their pressers and paper statements have not put any action in removing our Lil' General Napoleon from running around Illinois doing whatever the hell he wants, within legal bounds. Instead of everyone running to a camera for a presser, these Dems should have been seeking council on how to LEGALLY REMOVE this clown. It is apparent that it is going to be much harder than many thought it would be.

I remember when everyone was saying, me included, "Oh Blago won't seat anyone in Obama's seat." Well, we can all eat those words. At this point, I won't be shocked at all if Roland Burris, who is a decent man, ends up being seated in Washington, D.C. as the next senator of Illinois.

And our Little Napoleon will continue to run around Illinois, with the last word.

Oh, and Bobby Rush bustin' in on the presser, throwing down the race card or the "you better replace Obama's seat with an AA..." Typical Chicago, but it could be very effective.

Illinois politics, at its finest.


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