Monday, December 29, 2008

United States of America, "We should be ashamed" (Video)

Yes, we should be very ashamed.

While George W. Bush with his wife and VP in tow are scouting around for any open mic that will listen to them, millions of Americans are making hard choices. And many of these choices are life threatening.

Many understand the video of everyday Americans sacrificing their life saving prescription medication to pay rent, mortgage, food, clothes for their kids, etc. The sad part of this is that this is another bubble that has been building for a very long time, but why would George W. Bush even worry about it? These people are invisible, don't matter to him, if they did we would not have to view the following:

Health care in this country is part of the rising economic costs and must be dealt with. How we allowed to vote persons in office to side with insurance companies and how we have allowed insurance companies to become our doctors by payment chart is something we all have to take a hit on. We allowed this and look where we are at, the prognosis does not look good.

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