Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ann Coulter blasts Michelle Obama to sell her book

Ann Coulter, the blonde colored, stick now is blasting Michelle Obama on her style. This coming from a skinny, annoying, unfashionable, vamp who does nothing but talk about folks to sell her books. Ann Coulter is classless and not in the same league as Michelle Obama.

Right-wing flame thrower Ann Coulter blasts incoming First Lady Michelle Obama as a freakish Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis imitator in a book to be published next week.

In her latest screed, titled "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and their Assault on America," Coulter accuses the liberal left of playing the victim when in fact, she argues, they are the victimizers.

As usual, Coulter throws plenty of bombs herself.

Lashing out at the President-elect's wife, Coulter wrote, "Her obvious imitation of Jackie O's style - the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls - would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint."

Coulter said Cindy McCain, the wife of vanquished GOP nominee John McCain, "dressed well without freakishly imitating famous First Ladies in history."

Coulter facetiously and snidely refers to Michelle Obama as a "saint" and "Mother Teresa" and suggests that her public service career "advanced in lockstep with the political advancement of her husband."

Anything to sell damn books.

And if you want to keep up with Michelle's style, check out Mrs. O under the blogroll to your right.


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