Thursday, January 29, 2009

A reality check for the Republicans, it is called UNEMPLOYED

As the jobless claims are mounting weekly, as pink slips are a daily habit in the thousands, the Republicans must justify voting AGAINST the stimulus package. So, they are creating, crafting their own stimulus package.

House Republicans have proposed an alternative that leaders say would create 6.2 million jobs for only $478 billion.

"What Member can't go back his or her District and explain: Rather than voting for a bloated bill, ... I voted for an alternative that would create twice the jobs at half the cost, and faster?" a House Republican leadership aide said. "That's why we didn't lose a single Republican and picked up 11 Democrats."

Again, as the Republicans continue with useless ideas and still harping on tax breaks to create jobs, this is what the Obama Administration will do.
Pushing back against the unanimous House Republican vote against President Obama’s stimulus plan, the White House plans to release state-by-state job figures “so we can put a number on what folks voted for an against,” an administration aide said.

“It’s clear the Republicans who voted against the stimulus represent constituents who will be stunned to learn their member of Congress voted against [saving or] creating 4 million jobs,” the aide said.

That's right state by state jobless numbers. Remember, some state's unemployment are larger than others, while some states as Oregon and California are deadly close to double digit unemployment.

Again, why block to create 4 million jobs for Americans? The Republican Party is turning out to be the party that does not want any jobs created. How can they go back to their districts, with many unemployed and justify not voting for creating new jobs?

I think that whatever leadership the Republicans have, they are thinking inside the box and look dumber than a box of rocks, if you ask me.