Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bank of America don't give a DAMN about workers

Call it the way it is.

This is another welfare bank, Bank of America, that took bailout money but surely don't give a DAMN about workers.

If you have not listened to what CEOs really think from Huffington Post, please do. Then question, again, why we should give dollars to these welfare banks, especially the 'big wigs' that could care LESS about their own workers. Yes, they have the nerve to complain and shudder or run scurred at the thought, the thought of the Employment Free Choice Act, coming to a bank and retailer near you, SOON.

This conference call was October 17th and these participants were ALL ABOUT the Republican Party winning. But again, these 'big wigs' have no problem trouncing up to Capitol Hill with their welfare hands out. Talk about hypocrisy. It takes Trapper John over at Daily Kos to put the reality of these welfare banks on the table.

So Bank of America, fresh with taxpayer bailout boodle courtesy of American workers, is spending its time and money trying to screw those same American workers. Not surprising, I guess, for a company whose CEO, Ken Lewis, which absorbed Merrill Lynch, whose CEO spent $1.2 million renovating his office -- while BofA pays its tellers around $24,000 per year.

Do you feel me? Are you mad, yet?

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