Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama, why bother?

Why bother going to Capitol Hill and speaking with the Republicans? They already made their minds up on this stimulus package and you. They decided to vote it down, in spite of Obama showing good faith to listen to them.

Look, the Republicans need to do whatever they can to take down Mr. 68% Approval Rating and this will be hard. The public obviously expects and wants action on the economy and not the same old shyte of tax cuts. My God, do the Republicans have anything else to offer in their arsenal than that!!
The Republican answer to this turmoil?

Tax cuts.

They need to go into rehab.

Ah, I could not have written this better. Rehab, indeed. When folks don't have jobs, when this country is losing jobs at 50K-100K a clip a day, when people are worried about holding onto their jobs, what they expect and need is FAR MORE THAN TAX CUTS. They need and must have the perception and confidence that jobs are being created, folks are being hired and that the American Dream is there for them, too. Tax cuts, Republicans, are not sexy enough. Sorry, it is not. No one is listening, but I think Republicans need to get out of Washington, DC and get out here to see what is really going on, because if they did tax cuts would be far on the bottom of their totem pole.

So, Obama continue the high road, show you are willing to listen, offer the olive branch of bi-partisanship, and set the tone while the Republicans continue to grind themselves deeper in the weeds.


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