Monday, December 22, 2008

Rick Warren scrubs site of anti-gay rhetoric

Rick Warren is definitely a lightening in a bottle, since the decision was made to invite Warren to give the invocation at the Inaugural.

This controversy has elevated, both that is Obama and Warren, to be criticized from the left and the right. But many who are Warren followers and they are in the 10s of millions, see this as a promise by Obama for tolerance, communication, openness and a leader who will listen.

Personally, I would not have picked Warren, just as I would not have gone to his forum back in August, which was disastrous for Obama, in my opinion. But it is not my opinion to make. It is Obama's.

Any good will from the LGBT community is tainted by this pick. Was this a thoughtless pick, or was this just a honest mistake? I don't know, but I do know that politicians make mistakes, and this was a big one for Barack.

The good thing is that Warren must be getting the message, by scrubbing his site. Maybe, he is getting a message that all people should be included, though you may not agree with them, or maybe it just looks awfully bad to have a renown pastor, who will not even allow gays to join his church. Talk about exclusivity.

At any rate, I see Obama and Warren in bed together, that is the political bed. Both are in a position where the invite can not be recanted. Both must stand up on the podium, together, different in so many ways, and show non-partisanship to the American public.

For many, this controversy is nothing. Sadly, it is true. But for so many others, this is everything. Yes, it is true.

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