Saturday, December 27, 2008

Electricity is back on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii

Yes, Barack Obama lost power Friday night and it was restored by Saturday morning. Why is this news? Because he is PEOTUS (President-Elect of the United States) and he is on the island.

A thunderstorm knocked out power across Oahu island Friday night, crippling the island of 900,000 people and interrupting the vacations of thousands of tourists, including President-elect Barack Obama.

Electrical crews were working Saturday morning to restore power in Hawaii's most populous island, and the Honolulu mayor dispatched generators to the Kailua vacation estate where the Obama family is staying.

A cause of the outage has not been determined. The initial power outage occurred after several strikes of lightning about 6:30 p.m. Friday. Shortly thereafter, street lights outside Obama's home went dark and it appeared that his home did not have power.

On Friday night, Honolulu Mayor Rufi Hanneman sent generators and offered to send additional officers to beef up security outside the Obama compound, a spokesman for the mayor, Bill Brennan, told the Associated Press. But Obama declined the offer of added protection.

"Mr. Obama said thank you, but no, he and his family were just fine... and we're going to bed," Brennan told the wire service.

Nothing like back up generators, ask the folks in Florida who get hit with hurricanes.

And I still think we go the coolest PEOTUS, coming into office.


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