Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Obamas and Bidens Dancing Through 10 Balls on Inaugural Night

Well, the news is slowly creeping out. No wonder Barack and Michelle are trying to stay fit, 10 balls in one night!!! Is this a record? No, Bill and Hillary danced through 14 balls in 1997.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee -- trumpets, please! -- is hosting 10 official balls on the night of Jan. 20.

These, ladies and gentlemen, are the only parties where Barack Obama, Joe Biden and their wives are guaranteed to appear, albeit for a quick wave and onstage dance.

Six of the balls will be held at the glamorous, escalator-studded Washington Convention Center. The other four will be at the National Building Museum, Union Station, the Washington Hilton Hotel and the D.C. Armory. A committee spokesman confirmed the locations last night.

So, expect them to attend the Illinois Ball and the Delaware Ball. Yes, those two states are a lock, everything else will be rolled out as the JCCIC confirms everything.


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