Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Al Franken poised to win the Minnesota Senate Recount

This process has been long and tedious, filled with one or the other going to court on something, now it is about to end. And it looks like Al Franken will come out on top, but don't jump for joy, yet. Expect Senator Norm Coleman to take this fight as far as it can go. While it is apparent it will be a while before anyone is either appointed or elected to the Illinois senate seat, going to court can be just as long.

In the latest piece of evidence that Al Franken is the favorite to win the Minnesota recount, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has come up with a new number for where this should end up, based on an analysis of a draft state report: Franken ahead by 48 votes, a margin of 0.00164% out of over 2.9 million cast, and at the upper end of the Franken camp's own claim of a 35-50 vote edge.

Again, look for more filings of motions to the Minnesota courts, especially and it does look like, Coleman will not concede any time soon.
But this won't be the end. There is still continued legal wrangling over the Coleman camp's claim that enough absentee ballots were accidentally double-counted to put Franken artificially ahead -- which the state Supreme Court is hearing tomorrow -- and the Franken camp's long-running issue about an estimated 1,600 absentee ballots that were never counted to begin with. This thing appears on track to last up to the first week of January, if not longer.

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