Sunday, November 9, 2008

What Happened Here?

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I have been on a meltdown, physically and emotionally.

As many know, I have been a far left partisan for Barack Obama. I have been in the trenches since late spring of 2007 here.

I have ticked off many, point noted, but it happens in the primary wars. You either have steel skin, or get out of the game.

But, now I am coming back here and starting a new, "This Week with President Barack Obama", but have to read a bunch of nonsense about Proposition 8 which passed in California, much to my chagrin.


First off, let's talk about how this was sold to the public in California.

I lived in California for 10 years before returning back to the Midwest. This is a state that is forward thinking on every metric. If there is any state in the union which motto fits, "so goes California, so goes the nation". Yes, it is California.

Proposition 8 was a failure on many levels. The most important failure was the lack of organization of those against the legislation to inform many Californians what was at stake.

Let me be clear here. It is not African-Americans fault that this legislation was passed and not defeated. Read this information of the break down here and get the statistical facts.

Selling Proposition 8 is the same as selling Barack Obama to this country. Folks must be informed about what this legislation entails and must understand that this is about the everyday man's civil rights in this country. This was not explained.

Many on here must also see that the Hispanic community did not embrace this amendment either, and it is not their fault.

African-Americans more than anyone in this country fully understand one's civil rights. If you allow the other side to define what this legislation is about, which was successful by the passing of this legislation, then something else happened.

We must commend the outside influences of the LDS (Mormons) for getting their message across, by powerful and divisive television ads and direct mail pieces. It was effective. They snatched the ball and ran with it, before opponents against this legislation had time to raise money and organize. That is what happened.

Now this is heading for the courts, as it should, but the larger picture should be this, "civil rights for gay Americans across this land." And this battle must be won on the Supreme Court ground.

Bashing African-Americans, Hispanics and the many Whites who voted for this legislation does not amount to anything. This is a teaching lesson to those who opposed this legislation. Take nothing for granted, you must make the public understand that this is a civil rights issue and must make many move past what homosexuality is, just as we had to fight everyday with Americans to look past Barack Obama's skin color and listen to what his agenda was. And many on this board KNOW this was not an easy task.

We have accomplished a lot of work together, now is not the time to point any fingers, especially when many of us did not donate money, time, or effort in making sure it was defeated.

If Barack Obama can become the first African-American President, this legislation can be defeated, at the ballot box or on the Supreme Court turf. We are the ones that must make a difference. Enough of the anger, time to get busy.

Just my 2 cents.

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