Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It is time for Joe Lieberman to GO....

It is ironically funny that Joe Lieberman was the Vice-Presidential candidate with Al Gore in 2000.

After his prominent statements about Barack Obama throughout this campaign, you would have to do a double take and question, "is this the same Lieberman on the Gore 2000 ticket?"

There were many over the top and out of bounds comments, statements that Lieberman made against Barack Obama. The first was his endorsement of John McCain. Next was going to the Republican Convention and spewing a bunch of "you know what". Here is a full countdown of Lieberman's actions against Barack Obama, here.

Now that the vote tally has ended up on the side of Barack Obama, now we hear about bi-partisan spirit from Joe Lieberman. This is my take.

Joe Lieberman is a selfish, "you know what". That is what I think. He lost in 2006 the Democratic nomination and ran independent. He won. Then he took his "independence" to new heights. He has tried at every measure to stick it to the Democrats, the ones he caucus with, and spread his "alleged" leverage against the Democrats. He was angered none of them campaigned for him as an "Independent" and he never forgot it.

His biggest mistake was backing McCain, but let us play politics here. He was hoping, expecting to be the Vice-Presidential candidate on McCain's ticket. It would have been a stretch, and it would have made many look at that McCain ticket as true bi-partisanship, but we know how the Republicans roll. No way would the conservative, Christian base allow Lieberman on that ticket. One he is a Democrat and second he is Jewish. Yes, I wrote it, because that is how it was.

Lieberman is now fighting for his political life. Late in this presidential campaign he gave money to the DSCC from his Pac.

Lieberman has just made a donation - a big FAT donation - to the DSCC to the tune of $100,000. This contribution comes on top of last year’s donation of the same amount. Apparently Joe thinks that’s what the going rate is to buy friends. Behold the grown-up political version of “If I give you my lunch money can I sit with you?”

It is called, "I am covering my bases, in case McCain loses."

Well, McCain lost and Lieberman is in a fight for his political life.

I was put off that Obama said that, "Lieberman should caucus with the Democrats." Well, this was not clear and Lieberman took it as if Obama was in the spirit of bi-partisanship and that he could keep his coveted "Homeland Security Chairmanship."

Not so fast.

President-Elect Barack Obama doesn't "hold any grudges" against Senator Joe Lieberman for opposing his presidential candidacy, and will not take any position on the question of whether Lieberman should be permitted to keep his plum chairmanship of the Homeland Security committee, an Obama spokesperson just confirmed to us.

"We aren't going to referee decisions about who should or should not be a committee chair," Obama transition spokesperson Stephanie Cutter emailed me, in response to questions about Obama's stance on Lieberman's future.

Cutter's comments are the first on-the-record indication of Obama's position on the politically fraught question of what to do about Lieberman.

"President-elect Obama looks forward to working with anyone to move the country forward," Cutter continued. "We'd be happy to have Sen. Lieberman caucus with the Democrats. We don't hold any grudges."

In other words, President-Elect Obama has nothing to do with the functions of the Senate, which is the responsibility of Leader Reid. What happens to Lieberman, at this point is up to the Democratic Senate Members. Of course, we all would like Lieberman to caucus with the Democrats to push and pass legislation, but Obama has nothing to do with who is appointed or kicked off of chairmanship positions.

And my senator, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, want Lieberman kicked off his chairmanship, as do New York Senator Chuck Schumer. And Hillary?
Two aides to the New York Democrat said she is not making calls on Lieberman's behalf. "Hillary isn't doing anything," one said. "She is leaving it up to Reid."

She too, leaves it up to Senator Harry Reid, Leader of the Senate. As it should be.

Lieberman next week has to plead his case in front of the Democratic Caucus; from there it is a secret ballot vote.

I hope he is stripped of his chairmanship, but he is still welcome to caucus and vote for Obama's agenda. If he is stripped, he also has the option to join the wilderness, a.k.a. the Republicans.

As a friend told me:
However, Joe knows that if he joins a single R filibuster, he gets a
one-way ticket to Exile Island. And that means he loses in 2012, with
President Obama campaigning for his opponent.

No truer words have been typed.

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