Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amen. Joe Lieberman is not the change we need.

Jed from JedReport sums it up nicely.

The Senate Democrats do have a tough job next week.

They will listen to Joe Lieberman, his plea, to keep his coveted chairmanships. The Senate Democrats will then vote secret ballot on what to be done with him.

Joe Lieberman represents the worst of individuals. I have no problem with having difference of opinion, but the way he went about it was to purposely destroy Democrats in the party and particularly Barack Obama.

Obama is a good soul. He is about forgiveness, I get that, but the public voted for change, not the same.

Lieberman is not about change, he is for keeping his personal "status quo" the same, that is not good enough.

No one is asking to boot Lieberman out of the Democratic Caucus, he can stay, but I must admit that he has not helped his own cause, let alone the Democratic cause.

I also, understand the "no drama, Obama", but some things action must be taken.

There were too many people, including myself, that voted for change. This means across the board. It also means that these Democratic Senators would not be in the position that they are in without us.

We are the change we were waiting for. I hope the Democratic Senate is listening, because when folks get fed up, they will vote you out.

Ask the Republicans.

Read Jed, here.

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