Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama Evening Wrap Up. Resignation from the Senate.

Vice-President Cheney and Lynn Cheney, with Vice-President Elect Joe Biden and Jill Biden at the VP Residence, US Naval Observatory


Obama Resigns

"It has been one of the highest honors and privileges of my life to have served the people of Illinois in the United States Senate. In a state that represents the crossroads of a nation, I have met so many men and women who’ve taken different journeys, but hold common hopes for their children’s future. It is these Illinois families and their stories that will stay with me as I leave the United States Senate and begin the hard task of fulfilling the simple hopes and common dreams of all Americans as our nation’s next President," said President-elect Barack Obama.



Pat Buchanan, Just Amazing

I watched Hardball tonight with utter amazement.

The Republican Governor's Convention is going on in Florida. Many governors are frank and admitting what the Republican Party needs to do to remain relevant.

Governor Tim Pawlenty, (R-MN) was quite frank.
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty -- passed over by Sen. John McCain for the No. 2 spot on the presidential ticket and one of nine GOP governors who preside over states won by Barack Obama -- offered a summary of his party's predicament at the governors' opening lunch.

"We cannot be a majority governing party when we essentially cannot compete in the Northeast, we are losing our ability to compete in Great Lakes states, we cannot compete on the West Coast, we are increasingly in danger of competing in the mid-Atlantic states, and the Democrats are now winning some of the Western states," Pawlenty said. "That is not a formula for being a majority governing party in this nation."

As if that weren't enough, he ticked off a few more challenges.

"Similarly we cannot compete, and prevail, as a majority governing party if we have a significant deficit, as we do, with women, where we have a large deficit with Hispanics, where we have a large deficit with African American voters, where we have a large deficit with people of modest incomes and modest financial circumstances. Those are not factors that make up a formula for success going forward."

All the above is true.

The hard rhetoric against persons of color and women has greatly minimized the Republican Party, we saw the effect last Tuesday on Election Day. The country is changing, and the change is in persons of color and women. The Republican Party does not represent them, is not trying to persuade them, but continue on the track of snide, mean-sprited attacks and it all was a backlash on Election Day.

Then we have two Republicans on Chris Matthews show, Hardball, one white and one black and the difference is stark.

Pat Buchanan is living in the 50s/60s and it was apparent in his approach. He is one of the reasons why the Republican Party is what it is now, "the good old white boy, southern regional party." It is, what it is.


Memory Lane: Obamas in Butte, Montana for the Fourth of July


Breaking News: Hillary Clinton Considered for Secretary of State

Keith Olbermann is breaking this story now.

Clinton traveled to Chicago today.
Two Obama advisers have told NBC News that Hillary Clinton is under consideration to be secretary of state. Would she be interested? Those who know Clinton say possibly. But her office says that any decisions about the transition are up to the president-elect and his team.

Clinton was seen taking a flight to Chicago today, but an adviser says it was on personal business. It is unknown whether she had any meeting or conversation with Obama while there.

Other Democrats known to want the State Department post are Sen. John Kerry and Gov. Bill Richardson. A possible compromise choice would be former Sen. Tom Daschle.

Remember, the Doris Kearns Goodwin book, "Team of Rivals". This would be a very bold choice and I see her in this position. Or is this leak a smoke screen for something else?

So, what is next for Richardson and Kerry, who are jocking for this job?


And the Minnesota, Alaska and Georgia Senate Races?

For Alaska.

Looks like the votes are still being counted and Mark Begich is ahead. This seat looks more Democratic by the hour.

For Minnesota.

A hand recount will start next week. Florida, redux?

And Georgia.

Runoff commences on December 2, 2008. Stay tuned.


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