Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Morning Break. This is not over.

Barack in Pittsburgh, PA


Not over.

Does anyone believe this is over? Not with a skinny guy, from Illinois, with a name of Barack Obama. It.is.not.over.

In fact, I expect everyone to have huge intensity for the next seven days. Why? In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania the Republican 527s are running a new Reverend Wright ad, and it could be effective. How effective? I don't know, but it could move a point or two in polling. This is why it was important for Obama to refuse public financing for his campaign, it allows him to refute ads like this with his own. And he is outspending McCain on the average of 3:1 in these battleground states on advertising. Vitally important.

If you are in a state that allows early voting, please do so. Remember, the race is not over until the votes are counted. Also, work this campaign, all the information is to your left under, 'About Barack Obama.'


Full Video of Barack Obama's Closing Argument Speech



Stevens verdict likely to inch Dems closer to 'magic 60′

Ted Steven's guilty verdict Monday afternoon could mean the end of the Alaska lawmaker's 40-year tenure in the Senate and serve to inch the already emboldened Democratic Party closer to 60 seats in the Senate, recent polls of the Alaska race suggest.

In an Ivan Moore Research poll of the Alaska Senate race conducted earlier this month, entirely before the verdict was handed down, Stevens and Democratic challenger Mark Begich were statistically tied. Several other recent surveys have also suggested the race is neck-and-neck.

But the prospect of Stevens, first elected to the Senate in 1968, facing a tough reelection race was unthinkable only a few months ago. After all, the last Democrat elected to the U.S. Senate from Alaska is former presidential candidate Mike Gravel. Gravel served two terms, from 1969 to 1981, before embarking on his unsuccessful presidential bid 26 years later. Stevens is also an icon in the state, responsible (and now infamous) for securing billions of federal dollars for the state, including the ill-fated "bridge to nowhere." continue


Michelle in Las Vegas, Nevada


Oh, Brother, Now Obama is Compared to the 'Third Reich'

It is crap like this that have many voters saying, "Enough".
More than 75,000 Jews throughout the Keystone state got an email Thursday from the “Republican Federal Committee of PA – Victory 2008” that compares a victory by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., to Nazi victories before the Holocaust.

“Jewish Americans cannot afford to make the wrong decision” the email said, making a number of false or misleading assertions about Obama and adding that “Many of our ancestors ignored the warning signs in the 1930s and 1940s and made a tragic mistake. Let's not make a similar one this year!"

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League and a Holocaust survivor, condemned the email.

“Ugly, divisive personal attacks against a candidate for any political office should never be acceptable, and using Holocaust analogies is completely beyond the pale," Foxman said. "Regardless of which candidate one supports, it is shocking and profoundly distressing that anyone would see fit to make such an odious, false and repugnant analogy. Not only does it further debase the level of our political discourse, but it also diminishes and trivializes the virulent anti-Semitism and Nazi aggression that led to the slaughter of six million Jews and millions of others.” continue

The Republican Party is showing itself to be a party of non-inclusive. This is a reason that many will lose their seats in congress, next week.



ATF foiled plot to assassinate Barack Obama

RNC buying time for West Virginia and Montana, polling showing Obama is closing in; but McCain cuts ads in Minnesota

Michelle on The Tonight Show

End of Battle Centers on Turf Bush Carried

The Next New Deal

McCain Largely Trying To Defend Traditionally GOP States

Morning Reaction: Internal GOP Poll has McCain Only +3 in AZ

Dems in GOP strongholds get Obama boost

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Barack: Chester, PA; Harrisonburg, VA; Norfolk, VA

Michelle: Las Vegas, NM; Colorado Springs, CO

Joe: Melbourne, FL; Ocala, FL;

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Barack: Raleigh, NC; Sunrise, FL

President Clinton: Harrisburg, PA

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