Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Obama Show

Obama is on television tonight for a 30 minute, uninterrupted closing argument to the American public.

Some may think it is an "overkill", but I view it differently.

Since talking about Obama for almost 2 years, dissin' the misinformation, this is another opportunity for Obama to touch millions of viewers with his vision of movement for this country.

The debates worked in Obama's favor over McCain, basically because after all of the gross misinterpretation of Obama, people came off viewing Obama as a calm, intelligent and nice person. Someone the public can relate too.

I overheard one person state, "He is not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, he is like Will Smith and we like "Will Smith." This is the lasting impression that the McCain Campaign can't erase, especially after McCain's horrible debate performances.

Obama TV is on 7P (CST) on NBC, CBS, Univision, MSNBC, BET, TV1, and FOX (check your local listings).

Mr. Obama’s campaign agreed to provide The New York Times with a minute-long trailer for the 30-minute program, which is to run on four broadcast networks at 8 p.m. It will be the first time in 16 years that a presidential candidate has bought network time, in prime time, for a prolonged campaign commercial.

The trailer is heavy in strings, flags, presidential imagery and some Americana filmed by Davis Guggenheim, whose father was the campaign documentarian of Robert F. Kennedy. As the screen flashes scenes of suburban lawns, a freight train and Mr. Obama seated at a kitchen table with a group of white, apparently working-class voters, Mr. Obama says: “We’ve seen over the last eight years how decisions by a president can have a profound effect on the course of history and on American lives; much that’s wrong with our country goes back even farther than that.”

Then, while standing before a stately desk and an American flag, Mr. Obama, in a suit, says: “We’ve been talking about the same problems for decades and nothing is ever done to solve them. For the past 20 months, I’ve traveled the length of this country, and Michelle and I have met so many Americans who are looking for real and lasting change that makes a difference in their lives.” continue

As for McCain and the conservatives? Grumpy, as usual.

When the video is available, I will post it later this evening.

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