Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Morning Break. GOTV Time.

Barack and President Bill Clinton in Kissimmee, Florida


GOTV. Period.

Alright, we have five days left. Five days left.

For those in early voting states, VOTE. Then help this campaign to GOTV on Tuesday. If you are in or close to a battleground state, GET THERE, ASAP.

The polls are tightening. Yes, the polls.

At this point, the only thing that is relevant is the ground game for Tuesday. The only thing that matters is getting folks to the polls.

I am confident that Obama will win, but the votes have not been counted and until the votes are counted, we are running like we are 20 points behind.

Remember, we win by VOTES not the "We got this" mentality.


Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Together at Last

On a chilly Florida night, former President Bill Clinton warmly embraced Senator Barack Obama as a fresh leader for a new generation of Americans and implored voters to rally behind his candidacy to return the nation to a steady course.

“This man should be our president – all of our president,” Mr. Clinton said, speaking to thousands of people here who turned out for a late-night rally. “He’s going to be the next president unless Americans forget what this election is all about.”

ix days before Election Day, the two men made their first joint campaign appearance of the season, striding onto the stage alone together. In the eyes of hopeful Democrats, it carried the air of a torch-passing – absent any of the bitterness from the long presidential primary – as they wore wide smiles and heaped praise onto one another.

Mr. Clinton delivered a spirited argument for the Democratic ticket, offering four distinct reasons to support Mr. Obama on Election Day next week: his philosophy, his policies, his ability to make a decision and his ability to bring change to people’s lives. continue


Barack and Joe in Sunrise, Florida


Obama Banks: Clues From The Early Vote
First, click through the data here and here.

Gallup and Pew data show that Democrats are leading in the early vote. The equally reliable Annenberg National Election Survey's data shows that, across the country, Democrats are tied with Republicans in the early vote. Obviously, early voting matters by state only, but these datums are worth noting because Republicans have historically held an early vote advantage nationwide. (Note: Republicans tend to get their folks to fill out absentee ballots and return them early; Dems are investing disproportionately in getting people to leave their homes and vote early, so Democratic numbers will increase as the election approaches.)

In battleground states, Obama is "leading" in Florida (2.5 million people; Democrats have a +6 advantage on ballots turned in) up slightly in Colorado (note that the early vote is already approaching 50% of the 2004 total), leading in Nevada, overperforming in North Carolina (where Dems have historically had a good program) and a few points behind in Georgia. (35.5% of the early voters there are black.)

A note about Colorado: an internal Republican spreadsheet suggests that Democrats have returned 34.6% of their ballots as of Tuesday and Republicans have returned 32.9% of their ballots for about a 15,000 vote advantage. In 2004, at about this time, Republicans had n advantage and won the early vote by about eight points. 1.6 million people requested mail-in ballots -- that's triple the 2004 number -- and Obama has a two to one advantage with low turnout voters who've already turned in their ballots. continue


Obama in Arizona?????

Morning Reaction: Obama Seriously Considering "Late Surge" into Arizona

Obama Informerical/Commercial

Recession, official. While Exxon/Mobil breaks record profits.

McCain camp trying to scapegoat Palin

Campaign Appearances
more info @, under states


Barack: Columbia, Missouri; Sarasota, Florida; Virginia Beach, VA

Joe: Allentown, PA; Williamsport, PA; Arnold, Missouri

President Clinton: Toledo, OH; Campbell, OH


Barack: Des Moines, IA; Highland, IN

Joe and Jill: Lima, OH, Kettering, OH;

Hillary: Ironton, OH; Kirtland, OH

Al and Tipper Gore: Ft. Lauderdale, FL; West Palm Beach, FL


Barack: Henderson, NV

Barack and Michelle: Pueblo, CO

Joe and Jill: Evansville, IN; Marion, OH


Can McCain win White House?

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