Sunday, September 6, 2009

Harold Ford, Jr. states the left will be disappointed in Obama's speech on Wednesday (Video)

Harold Ford, Jr. is from the DLC mode, the mode out of power in the Democratic Party and not one of my favorite politicians. The notion that the left or progressives should just chalk it up, meaning drop the public option for the team is disastrous. The whip should have been on the Blue Dogs, why? Because you don't destroy the very BASE, i.e., progressives, your activists in this whole fiasco. It will be REMEMBERED what Rahm Emanuel said to progressives, to the day he LEAVES the White House. The Progressive Caucus HAS THE VOTES, the Blue Dogs don't. It is time for the Obama White House to use their leverage and whip these folks into place. The thinking of something is better than nothing will suppress and demoralize the base. Case and point, Obama is losing across the board, bleeding support from Republicans, Independents and Democrats. If he can not deliver on health care, he will have a very hard 2010. The Republicans are fired up, our side not so much. Not with the continuous blunders of a White House that can not keep on simple message, not with convoluted messages from this White House and not with the continuing for bipartisanship which is a joke, at this point. No public option, hard times in 2010 and it will start with the Blue Dogs going down. Video from Meet the Press.

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