Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Polls show no referendum on Obama

The Republicans would LOVE it to be a referendum on Obama, but the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey are all about state, local issues, not Barack Obama. Ah, but the spin will continue to crank....

Per CNN, voters in Virginia did not see their state's gubernatorial race as an opportunity to voice opposition to Barack Obama. A 55 percent majority of voters said that the President was not a factor in their vote, and an additional 18 percent indicated their vote in Virginia was one of support in the President. Just 24 percent of voters indicated that their vote was one of opposition to President Obama. The numbers out of New Jersey are not terribly different, with 60 percent saying that Barack Obama played no role in their gubernatorial vote, 19 percent saying that their vote was one in support of the President, and 20 percent saying that their vote was in opposition to President Obama.

h/t Daily Kos
Oliver Willis

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