Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From John Conyers: Obama sucking up to the wrong people


This is all about frustration.

No matter what happens with health care and Afghanistan, the number one priority is JOBS in this country and the LACK of job creation in this country. That is an issue the public gets, understands, is going through and will penalize the Democrats if there is no turn around next year. Take that one to the bank and deposit it.

President Barack Obama is “getting bad advice from… clowns” on Afghanistan and “sucking up to the wrong people” on health care, U.S. Rep. John Conyers told a Detroit radio audience this morning, according to show host Rev. Horace Sheffield.

Conyers, a Detroit Democrat, made the comments during a discussion about the effects of the economic recession on the urban poor, Sheffield said. The liberal congressman expressed frustration that health care legislation pending in Washington, D.C., was too solicitous of insurance companies and special interests, Sheffield said.

“He wasn’t angry. He was just deeply concerned that some of the issues being focused on don’t address the human reality,” said Sheffield, who hosts the program “On The Line” on WGPR-FM radio.

According to a news release from Sheffield, Conyers said: “President Obama is sucking up to the wrong people and insurance companies as Obama pushed a weak health care package.”

On Iraq and Afghanistan, Conyers said “President Obama is getting bad advice from those clowns in the White House. We should be ending those wars now. America should be providing food instead of bombs from drones that kill innocent civilians,” the release said.

Conyers, an early supporter of Obama’s presidential bid in 2007, could not be reached for comment Saturday afternoon.

Expect some backpeddling and clarification from Conyers, soon.

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