Monday, November 2, 2009

The banks continue to make record profits on the taxpayer's back (Video)

Tim Geithner, a fan of I AM NOT, again continues to protect his Wall Street friends, but why shouldn't he? In this aspect, the Obama Administration is no different than any other administration that has sat in the Oval Office, for that is not change anyone can believe in. And progress? What progress? What happened to the transparency? That word is starting to be a joke. And the disparity of Wall Street to Main Street continues to erode. Folks, as the rich gets richer, the average joe/joesetta continues to be on the unemployment dole and unable to find a job. That is what 2010 forward will be all about. Many Americans don't follow the nitty gritty of politics, but they know EXACTLY what they had 5 years ago versus today, for that they understand they have gotten the bad end of the stick.

In Geithner, we trust...

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