Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wow, White House concerned for the First Lady to visit South Carolina

This should be an EMBARRASSMENT for the State of South Carolina. Again, all this racist attitudes rising and it is, don't say it is not, when the Secret Service is overwhelmed in just protecting the President, that it does not exist. Racism is alive and well in the United States of America, by some. h/t to Daily Kos

Let's get this straight: The White House has allowed first lady Michelle Obama to tool around Moscow, the Czech Republic and even Ghana in the past year, but officials are a little worried about her coming to South Carolina.

They consider the atmosphere here too dangerous.

Just when it seemed the summer of shame was over, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn dropped this bombshell on The Post and Courier's Yvonne Wenger on Friday. Clyburn says the White House is wary of bringing the first lady to the state because of the attitude of some of its residents.

Even if they are overreacting, or if Clyburn is overstating the case, it's embarrassing.

If security professionals, who apparently have reservations, actually believe it is too dangerous for the first family to visit a U.S. state, then we have dropped below the status of a Third World country.

It makes us look like buffoons, racists and backwater morons.

A loudmouthed minority of Neanderthals and sore losers have so poisoned the national discourse with their racist rantings, crude jokes and veiled threats that they have sullied South Carolina's reputation more than any governor, congressman or senator could ever imagine. read more here....

South Carolina has enough problems, the name is Mark Sanford and his hypocrisy. Michelle Obama has deep roots in the South Carolina community, she should be welcomed, but it just takes a few to put fear in the air. The way some folk act in 2009, you would think this is 1954 and this is a continued stigma on the South, which for many is just wrong.

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