Saturday, October 24, 2009

The citizens of Maine KNOWS that Olympia Snowe is not the President (Video)

The Obama White House is fighting, apparently, if you read tea leaves for that one elusive Republican vote of Olympia Snowe. Why? So, they can say it is a bipartisan bill with ONE REPUBLICAN VOTE. Obama White House, time to get over it. Really, it is. I have decided that the Republicans in congress are not going to vote on JACK for the next 3 years with the name, Obama attached to it. Since the public knows this and we appreciate the Obama White House for wanting to work with Republicans, but since Republicans don't want to work for you, just move on and work for US. It is totally ridiculous to tout any legislation as bipartisan with one Republican vote, we know that and Obama White House, you know that. Move on, make sure a strong, government run public option is available in the health insurance reform bill. If not, well, shoot yourself in the foot. h/t sluggahjells

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