Monday, September 14, 2009

New Poll on the "LIE" outburst, not in favor of the Republicans

And why would it be? OK?

All the information on Congressman Joe Wilson is here. And donations to his Democratic opponent, Rob Miller, is here. Keep the money coming, Miller has raised over 1.5M since Wednesday. He will need every penny to win in SC-02.

Now onto the poll.

The poll finds that 32% said that Obama lied while he was speaking to Congress, compared to 60% who don't think so. In addition, only 15% say that it was appropriate behavior for Wilson to shout out that Obama was lying, compared to 85% who say it was inappropriate.

If Republicans think this type of behavior is ok, think again, the American Public does not. And when was the last time GWB was called Hitler, Stalin, a Maxist, a Communist? Only from the racists in America.


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