Friday, September 18, 2009

C-Sections now are pre-existing conditions

These insurance companies are about NOTHING. But the public is to believe they will do the right thing for the customer? Obama White House and Congress take notice. How many women do you know who had to have a C-Section? And now insurance companies are stating that if you had one child, having another child is by choice, and then they throw the ready made rescission at you by denying your claim and throwing you out of your insurance plan!!

Every woman in this country should be OUTRAGED.

n fact, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 14 states have a requirement for such coverage, and the number of plans without maternity coverage continues to rise dramatically. Why? Anthem Blue Cross — which has been actively fighting health care reform — considers pregnancy optional and therefore not necessary to insure:

“The point of insurance is to insure against catastrophic care costs. That’s what you’re trying to aggregate and pool for such things as heart attacks and cancer,” said an Anthem Blue Cross spokesman. “Having a child is a matter of choice. Dealing with an adult onset illness, such as diabetes, heart disease breast or prostate cancer, is not a matter of choice.”

If you are not mad at this, you should be. Child birth is natural, some women have problems, but to punish a woman who had a C-Section prior and may again is downright wrong.

This is what the American Public has had to deal with over the years with these low down insurance companies. Again, these teabaggers, racists, whatever you call them are taking up for THIS?? The status quo??? Does the right wing of the Republican Party, who harbors "LIFE”, condone this very behavior of insurance companies towards women? And you are standing with the insurance companies on this?

Republicans, y'all need to get your priorities straight. Democrats in D.C., get a clue and spine and do the right thing.

Clarence Page


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