Friday, September 18, 2009

Michelle Obama jumps into the health care game (Video)

With everything that is going on, women's health issues are critical in the health care debate. Women do have more issues than men, primarily because we GIVE BIRTH, to start. The recent revelations that many health care insurance companies are stating that C-Sections are a "pre-existing condition" should have every woman in this country livid. I always felt that Michelle Obama should have been talking directly to women and families long time ago, but I am glad to see her jump in the game, now.

Health care reform "is very much a women's issue," a part of the feminist movement, First Lady Michelle Obama told a group of women's rights activists today.

"If we want to achieve true equality for women ... then we have to reform the system," she said.

Women, she said, pay more for insurance while earning less and are more likely to work part-time or for small companies that don't offer health insurance. On top of that, she said, eight in 10 women are responsible for the health care of their children and their spouses, and sometimes their aging parents.

"Women play a unique and increasingly significant role in our families. We know the pain, because we are usually the ones dealing with it," Obama said. She spoke of when her daughter Sasha had meningitis -- "We were terrified" -- and how her father had multiple sclerosis.

"What would we have done, as a family ... if my father hadn't had insurance?" she said.





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