Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Speaker Pelosi warns of "out of district, extremists" coming to a town hall meeting near you

While we are watching these right wing extremists being bused in by lobbyists, "K" Street in D.C.; these organizations are feeding on a underlying racist, hatred from these individuals. This is not only unhealthy but extremely dangerous. Below from Keith Olbermann:

These individuals have been all over television, hell we saw them during the general election campaign. The same types calling Barack Obama a terrorist, "kill him", etc. This type of talk is again, not only dangerous, but a turn off to many Americans, whether you voted for Obama or not.

Now we have these same nut jobs, disrupting health care forums by democrats all over this country, using lobbyist, GOP talking points. I must write, some are so dumb that they are talking about don't take medicare away from me, when medicare is a GOVERNMENT RUN PROGRAM. Hello? Intelligence? Again, does something have to HAPPEN for this to stop?
Unfortunately, those not interested in health insurance reform are disrupting public meetings and not allowing concerned constituents to ask questions and express their views. Many of these opponents who are shutting down civil discussion are organized by out-of-district, extremist political groups, and industry-supported lobbying firms.

This is typical gangster, thug style the GOP is playing with. I hope Democrats around this country are enlisting the local police, they will need it.


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