Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Congressman attacked at town hall by teabaggers, birthers, protestors, whatever you call them

Again, this is dangerous. This is playing with fire. Is this what the Republican Party is about?

As lobbyist-run groups encourage conservative activists to “rattle” members of Congress at local town hall events, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA), the president of the freshman Democratic class has revealed that “at least one freshman Democrat” has already been “physically assaulted at a local event.” Connolly warned that conservative groups had taken things to a “dangerous level“:
“When you look at the fervor of some of these people who are all being whipped up by the right-wing talking heads on Fox, to me, you’re crossing a line,’ Connolly said. ‘They’re inciting people to riot with just total distortions of facts. They think we’re going to euthanize Grandma and the government is going to take over.”

This is riot antics given to you by the K Street lobbyists, who are feeding on a frenzy of a very small portion of the population.

What has to happen next? Gun shots fired? Or someone seriously injured? GOP you down for these thug tactics? Again, no answer because they are leaderless.


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