Monday, August 17, 2009

To Obama, “…how stupid, naive or lame can you be…”

This was from the Ed Shultz radio program, from Ed Schultz on the Obama stance or lack of stance for the public option.

And the way things are swinging now, I concur.

President Barack Obama can play around all day long on the “will he or will he not” game of public option, but it will be the Democrats who lose in 2010.

The Obama White House and Democrats in congress have been horrendous on the message of any health care package. Instead of making congress sit their tails in office for August and hammer out this legislation, congress went home and is getting the wrath of the well oiled lobbyists organizations that is causing chaos at these town hall meetings.

The main obstruction of these disruptions at the town hall meetings is to provide MISINFORMATION and hope that the media will repeat it, and they have in droves. The Obama White House should not have been shocked, stunned or surprised at any of this. Mr. Obama has continued to say that the other side will do anything to disrupt conversations, dialogue of healthcare reform. So, if he knew this why was the White House and Democrats in congress ill prepared for what we have witnessed going on?

Over the weekend there has been a slew of will we, won’t we, can we, could we information from the Obama White House and his surrogates sending out mixed messages all over the place. With all the friends below, it is easy to see how the public option can be totally NIXED from the conversation.

The Obama White House and the Democrats argument should be simple, “Do you know that you are a job away from not having any health insurance for you and your family?” “Are you unemployed? If so, can you afford the $1500.00 a month COBRA payment offered for you and your family?” “Do you know that we already have a public option in place for members of congress and the Federal Government? And why can’t the citizens of this country be offered the same option for lower costs?” “As health care costs continue to rise, do you know it is highly probable that your premiums can double by next year?”

These are the questions that needs to be presented to the public, but the Obama White House and the Congressional Democrats are numb on all the above.

I don’t care how this health care reform or health care insurance reform is crafted; one thing I do know is that it better have a SOLID PUBLIC OPTION. If not, the Democrats are in serious trouble come 2010 and Barack Obama may be going back to Chicago sooner rather than later, as planned.

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