Friday, August 21, 2009

Joe Scarborough smears President Obama as he goes on vacation (Video)

Joe Scarborough of morning joke or joe showed this shameless ad which was PAID for by lobbyists, trashing Obama going on vacation while the health care debate continues.

Can we say President Bush? And his turtle movement on Hurricane Katrina? nuff said.

But again this ad below continues the LIE about public option, while the Obama White House is still LIGHT on the public option. Again, what will it be? We shall know SOON since the Democrats and Obama's poll numbers are dropping like a rock, this due to lack of information from Obama. Remember, many independents voted for him, many Republicans crossed over for him and the category of "public perception" is killing the Democrats and Obama.

For those who think, well if no public option in a health care reform bill won't hurt them in 2010, I think many underestimate how powerful this single issue is to Americans and why they voted for Democrats for change. Keep ignoring this, at your peril Democrats and Obama White House.

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