Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, Politicians who cheat

ABC has composed photos, but more importantly all video of these politicians and their teary eyed, apologies.

Yes, cheaters on both sides of the aisle. I agree with the right, both sides cheat, but unlike their Democratic couterparts, Republicans are quick to throw family values, bible verses and point that finger at you if you even attempt to slip.

Don't believe it? Two words: Bill Clinton.

Former President Bill Clinton slipped badly. In fact, he is probably the main reason why all these conservative, bible quoting, Republicans won't resign. Hell, he was in the highest office of the land, if he did not step down, why should we? But the thing is, they must stand up and answer to their constiuents and that is another story.

My eye is on Senator David Vitter (R-LA), who paid prostitutes, was on the DC madam's rolodex and admitted to paying for his piece on the side. If he wins in 2010, then there is hope for the others, but if he goes down, the others should worry.

Senator John Ensign (R-NV) sex scandal is so outrageous that an investigation into his activities is warranted, not demanded by his peers, but out of the hands of congress and into the hands of the IRS. His parents paid his piece on the side up to $100,000.000, for her silence. There is no other way around it. And Ensign has the gaul to run in 2012.

Then of course, Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) and his traveling to Argentina for his piece on the side. Though, I give him credit for stating out loud that he found his soul mate, not his wife and is in love with his soul mate, not his wife. At least, he is keeping it honest though this is one of the most bizarre sex scandals out there.

The Democrats are not saints, but then the Democrats never ran on Family Values, never ran on quoting Bible scriptures as guiding their judgment, did not run on point any fingers. This makes the Republican scandals just out right hypocritical.

View, Politicians who cheat, here.

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