Monday, July 13, 2009

As Obama announces Dr. Regina Benjamin for Surgeon General, he took a shot across the bow on health care, "Don't Bet Against Us" (Video)

In the conveniently timed intermission during the Sotomayor hearings, President Obama announced Regina Benjamin to be his pick for surgeon general.

But the president also used the announcement as a kind pep talk on health-care reform, as congressional watchers and the press have begun to doubt whether Congress can meet his goal to pass reform bills before it goes on its August recess.

"We are going to get this done," Obama said. "Inaction is not a option."
He added, "Don't bet against us. We are going to make this happen."

He needed to state that and remind the public that health care reform will happen. Since he was gone for a week, the House Blue Dog Democrats were threatening to halt any bill and of course, the Republicans in the Senate was stating, "it won't happen."

Obama must put his skin in this game and win it, outright. The public demands it, they want it and are watching very closely at the whole process. With the economy in uncertain waters, this health care bill must be passed. Not only for political clout, but survival for moving into 2010 and 2012.