Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Correction: First Lady Michelle Obama's father was NOT buried at Burr Oak Cemetery in Illinois, a scene which has become a national scandal


The White House has corrected an earlier report and now says Michelle Obama's father is not buried at Burr Oak Cemetery, the Alsip facility involved in a grave desecration scandal.

Earlier today, Camille Johnston, the first lady's communications director, said that Fraser Robinson III was buried at the cemetery.

But the White House now says that was wrong. It said Robinson is buried at Lincoln Cemetery, which is near Burr Oak. read more here...

MSNBC just reported from Andrea Mitchell, that First Lady Michelle Obama's father, Frazier Robinson III was buried at the Burr Oak Cemetery. This cemetery has become a national scandal due to over 300 bodies being disturbed, tossed and the cemetery plot, RESOLD. Nothing is known, yet, if his remains were disturbed.
Authorities believe at least 300 bodies at Burr Oak were illegally dug up and discarded in a pile so their gravesites could be resold. Thousands of other dead buried at the cemetery, including babies, have not been accounted for by their survivors.

"Given the unconscionable discovery at Burr Oak, I don't want to take a chance that similar circumstances could be occurring under Perpetua's management at its other Illinois cemetery," Hynes said. "The fraud and betrayal of consumers by Burr Oak's employees warrant the revocation of all of Perpetua's licenses."


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